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Puppy Pen
For Pets, Breeders, Show Enthusiasts, and People Who Love Their Pets

Keeps Puppies Safe and Clean!

  • Whether transporting puppies, safeguarding them at shows or even protecting your furniture from their sharp little teeth, Puppy Pens solve many needs
  • Hygienic floors that won't pinch puppies' paws
  • Folds flat for easy transportation or storage
  • Adjustable floors elevate to keep dogs' coats away from dirt and mess
  • Top and side doors for easy access
  • Pans slide out for easy cleaning

Safe and Inclusive

  • Hygienic mesh floors and pens, coated with a non-toxic finish that can't be chewed off by pets. Uniquely designed, two-piece floor won't separate and pinch puppies' paws. In addition, Puppy Pens provide a secure haven that keeps puppies away from danger and gives them a space all their own
  • Unique design helps pets feel like part of the family by allowing them to see their human companions and surroundings

Durable, Functional, Hygienic

  • The only pens to use a double coating of bright chrome plating and baked-on durable plastic that protects and ensures the durability of the pens. So no matter how rambunctious the puppies are, the pens will maintain their top condition
  • Top and side doors allow easy access, and pens fold down flat for easy transportation and storage
  • Meets show-level standards by keeping the dogs elevated and away from dirt and messes, keeping them clean before entering the ring

Numerous Benefits Come with Every Puppy Pen

  • Wide range of sizes to fit all breeds and weights of puppies
  • Unique baked-on plastic coating more than doubles the life of the pen's chrome
  • Innovative floor designs won't separate and pinch puppies' paws
  • Designed to fold down flat for easy transportation and storage
  • Adjustable mesh floors elevate to different levels to keep dogs' coats away from dirt and messes
  • Puppy Pens effectively solve the needs of owners and breeders