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Chicken Treadle Feeder

The PERFECT feeder that operates by the weight of a chicken to allow access to the feed!

Keeps wild birds and rodents away from her food.

  • Keeps feed clean and fresh
  • Prevents food from attracting wild birds and rodents which may also carry diseases and parasites
  • Minimizes wasted food
  • Weather-resistant wood finish protects the feeder from water and sun damage
  • Easy to assemble and low maintenance
  • Only 12 oz weight required to open the feeder...that's less than a pound
  • Holds up to 36 lbs of feed and fills easily with its hinged lid

  • Raising chickens can be a fun and enriching experience, and there are so many rewards to keeping chickens. They have amusing personalities, are low-cost to maintain and they 
    provide organic, hormone-free and nutritious eggs. The key to raising chickens is a safe and secure home that allows enough room to stretch out her wings and move about comfortably. Chicken homes by Precision Pet Products provide the backyard farmer with shelters that are beneficial in raising happy and healthy chickens.