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Dazzle! Litter Box System
Complete Litter Maintenance Solutions

Use with Odor Eliminating Spray and Litter Disposal Systems

  • Looks can be deceiving; this is not just a hooded litter box
  • Load a can of Dazzle! Odor Eliminating Spray into the spray well, and you're armed with on-demand odor elimination
  • All it takes is a push of the Dazzle! button to trap and lock odors, keeping the litter box smelling fresh between scooping
  • Dazzle! Odor Eliminating Spray also works great before scooping, to make an unpleasant task easier on the nose
  • Includes (1) can of Dazzle! Odor Eliminating Spray (4 week supply)
  • Leak-resistant barrier rim helps prevent urine spraying from exiting pan
  • Inviting oversized door that also helps keep scatter contained
  • Side latches keep litter box securely locked together