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Ultimate Exercise Pen

Top-of-the-Line Exercise Pen

  • Available in long-lasting black e-coat finish, the toughest on the market and a wise investment for serious professionals and pet enthusiasts
  • Folds directly into itself, taking up minimal space, consuming less time in setup and take-down
  • Has a removable drop pin which allows the pen to be easily joined with other pens or to your crate for extra play space
  • Includes a 3-point locking door on all sizes
  • Has an easy carry handle for transporting
  • Walk-in Precision lock door
  • For indoor / outdoor use

Why an Exercise Pen?

  • Keeps pets away from danger and gives them a "yard" of their own
  • No exposed screws, wires or pins to injure your pet
  • Provides breathing room and visibility for your pet
  • Offers an easy way to manage your pet regardless of your surroundings
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to setup, take down and store

The Very Best Quality

  • Durable construction. Includes (8) 2 feet wide panels totaling 16 feet in length
  • All pens have a zinc electroplate finish, added after welding,  to reinforce protection and to increase the pen's value
  • Varying styles and heights meet varying needs and budgets